A collection of stories to inspire new avenues for discussion between clinicians and patients about their medicines and care.

Story 1

Life is Meant for Laughing

Marge playing darts and having a drink with her friends

Story 2

What Is It All For?

Danny sitting in an armchair looking through his medicines

Story 3

‘Keeping Going’: Are My Medicines A Help or a Hindrance?

Lorna with her zimmer frame, remembering how she used to be more mobile in the garden

Story 4

I Look After Myself

Adam playing the piano in his home

Story 5

Is There Anything We Can Stop Today?

Alfie collecting his dosette box from the pharmacist

Story 6

A Glimpse of the Future?

Hanna sitting on the sofa looking through her box of medicines

Story 7

Polluting the Planet

Tom digging in the garden